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This world is full of beautiful surprises and perks. Fly to Connect is an extensive platform which opens a door to wanderlust and gives you the opportunity to dig those possibilities out and unfold your dreams. It showcases not only the best exotic holiday destinations & plenty elite hotels around the world but in addition, it also gives the number of ways to enjoy your journey by road, by air or by sea. Booking of car, domestic/ international flights and cruises are available with Visa & Travel Insurance facilities at lowest prices.

Having the most fertile imagination and professional travelling consultants, Fly to Connect is the global travelling alliance, which offers to its valuable clients a varied arena, where they can explore endless, lavish and attractive destination across the world. Along with the booking facilities, we are also providing additional services such as Visa & Travel Insurance with free consultation and 24*7 assistance is also available for our customers. In short, it manifests a diverse range of opportunities at a single platform.

Our Services

24/7 Access

Travel emergencies don’t just happen from 9 am to 7 pm. Give you travelers peace of mind with approach to live, travel consultant anywhere and anytime.


Remove time researching destinations, hotels, airfare and even car rentals. Our travel consultants average over 10 years' experience in the industry. You’re an expert at what you do and so are we.


Fly to Connect is a representative for a number of internationally recognized car rental companies. A mutually beneficial connection exists with Euro car, Budget and Avis from with special rates, which are passed onto our customers.


Book cruises with us and travel around the endless seas and oceans around the globe. The cruises we book for clients have all the services and the leading cruise manufacturing companies in the world manufacture these, sailing with us on these cruises is astonishingly reasonably priced. So, for the best cruising experiences in the world, book cruises only with us.


This service is more about ease than value, until you discover yourself without the proper documentation just days prior to your departure. We make safe expedited passports and travel visas for international travelers every day.


Nothing beat going on holiday! Getting away from it all, leaving your common routine after… exploring new destinations. It’s something all of us look forward to at least once a year. But in the enthusiasm of arranging your trip, planning your itinerary and deciding what to pack, it’s easy to forget the most significant thing – Travel Insurance!